PvG Retains High Client Satisfaction and NPS Scores

Newport Beach, California September 6, 2023 – ProView Global (PvG), a pioneer and leading provider of global operations management, offering U.S. employee benefits administration support and workspace design services, recently announced the results of their 2023 Client Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey.

In a repeat of last year’s results, its Net Promoter Score (NPS) stayed at 100% with all its clients responding that they are likely to recommend PvG to other organizations.

A snapshot of the results of the 2023 NPS Survey may be seen below:

About ProView Global (PvG)

ProView Global (PvG) offers global captive operations support and management services primarily for organizations in the insurance, brokerage, employee benefits industries.  For more information about PvG please visit our website at www.proviewglobal.com