Effects of Outsourcing

With the growth of the Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry, a lot of false assumptions have started to arise. Availability of jobs and the worth of involving your company in offshore outsourcing are questioned by people. Being the largest BPO industry, these problems are sure to worry Filipino citizens. Fortunately, at a talk in London, a Professional Outsourcing Contributor, Prof. Ilan Oshri, proved that there’s no worry in the BPO industry.

Outsourcing services doesn’t lessen available jobs. In fact, there have been more available positions than before and this has been proved with real figures. It’s understandable where the worry comes from. With companies wanting to entrust their operations and responsibilities to BPO providers, the less they are in need of manpower. However, you have to understand that these BPO companies are just as in need of employees as there are companies wanting to outsource.

If you stop focusing on price alone, you’ll see the worth of hiring BPO providers. Remember to take into account the skill sets that these people have and their ability to provide quality service. Language is also an important factor but if you’re not interested in outsourcing to a land that speaks a different language then it’s unlikely for your people to need the training. With the state of the Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Now that these concerns can be disregarded, you don’t have to worry about entering the BPO industry or hiring a BPO provider. You never know it might just be the right move for the development of your company.

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