BPO Management and Shared Services

The Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry is one of the most dynamic and lucrative in the world. On top of that, its superior education system produces a large pool of skilled, talented, and globally-competitive resources. The country has also shot to elite status in the global knowledge process outsourcing market, with strong growth predictions in the coming decades.

More and more US-owned companies are realizing the far-reaching advantages of moving their back-room operations to the Philippines to save costs and take advantage of the availability of professionals in non-core and core business domains and highly specialized skills. The key to success in the country’s BPO market is acquiring BPO management and shared services from a trusted provider.

ProView Global (PvG), a company owned and based in the US, provides BPO management and shared services for your Philippines-based operations. We can take care of your people in the areas of human resources, finance and payroll, information systems and technology, procurement, and other outsourced departments. With our broad knowledge and deep experience in business process outsourcing, you can guarantee that your operations in the country will deliver high-impact results on a daily basis.

Lower Management Costs

With this solution, you no longer have to invest in a shared services management team to support your offshore operations. This way, you will be able to save on the management costs of shared services, as well as convert a traditionally fixed cost into a variable expense. We commit to delivering support services collaboratively and efficiently, allowing you to focus on value-adding activities and future initiatives.

Expertise in Philippine Law

You can rely on our expertise in Philippine labor and tax laws. So with our management services, compliance with laws in this country is handled with little or no risk. The country’s regulatory environment is business-friendly, offering subsidies for infrastructure development and tax exemptions, which you can navigate through our management and shared services support.

Our BPO Management and Shared Services include:

  • Senior management of operations, compliance, and performance metrics
  • On-site employee services, such as Human Resources staff, support, and activities
  • Performance management, including licensing of a proprietary, customizable appraisal and rewards system
  • On-site talent acquisition services
  • Training programs for the staff; both newly hired and tenured
  • Information systems engineering services, including network set-up, on-going management, and support system
  • Procurement and asset inventory management
  • Risk management, such as internal audits and monitoring of staff compliance with corporate standards
  • Policy creation and administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Facility security

PvG not only shares resources, knowledge, and technology, we build partnerships to ensure that tasks that are intrinsically at the core of organizations are delivered on defined measures.

Should you have any questions about our offshoring and BPO management services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Break barriers and discover new opportunities in the Philippines with PvG.

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