Understanding Red Tape

With more than 50 years of collective industry experience, ProView Global (PvG) is among the most reliable names in business process outsourcing. We always aim to deliver better business value to our clients and help make their processes more streamlined and efficient. But then, there’s still the age-old problem plaguing both government and corporate organizations alike: red tape.

Referring to adverse, excessive bureaucracy, red tape is something ProView Global (PvG) is aware of. It’s also among the reasons why companies like us exist; red tape can negatively affect the distribution of essential services to those who need it most. Our solutions are intended to help businesses avoid red tape by streamlining processes such as benefits enrollment and eligibility administration. We look to make essential services accessible to anyone in any field.

But it seems like the truth of red tape isn’t going away soon. The very origin of the phrase appears to make it apparent. “Red tape” refers to the tape that used to bind official documents in the past, as a way of distinguishing them from less official ones. Its earliest recorded use was during the 16th and 17th century, with the rule of Spain’s King Charles V. In modern times, it has come to symbolize the problems stemming from excessive, unnecessary paperwork.

Three main types of red tape exist based on what causes it. The first is caused by rules and regulations aiming to achieve a specific objective. Inefficient procedures and systems drive the second type. Potential miscommunication between stakeholders from different subsystems fuels the third kind of red tape.

Everything about red tape falls into one issue category: inefficiency of processes. ProView Global (PvG) works towards eliminating this layer in a system. Our clients entrust us with the responsibility of taking care of their most important procedures and making things more streamlined. As a result, our services add more value to what our clients offer their customers in the long run.

Red tape’s negatives far outweigh its positives. Let the team at ProView Global (PvG) help you avoid its pitfalls. Contact us today for inquiries.

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