ProView Global (PvG) Announces Office Expansion at Hanston Square in Ortigas to Support Continuing Growth

Manila, Philippines – December 3, 2015 – In response to the strong demand for its outsourcing services, PvG Global announced its expansion and relocation to the 26th and 27th floors of the Hanston Square Building in the Ortigas Central Business District.

“PvG Global is tremendously excited about moving into our new location that not only serves our strategic needs but also the needs of our employees.  Our new space will feature smartly configured floor plans designed to promote productivity and collaboration. It will also be flexible and yet, still compliant with its clients’ information security requirements and ISO standards.  The new space will include an advanced on-site technology platform with enterprise-class infrastructure complete with a private, firewalled network, burstable internet connectivity and voice telecommunications. By providing everything from fully-equipped conference rooms and private meeting rooms, a library area, a clinic with a full-time nursing staff and a part-time physician, outside patio, energy-boosting sleep rooms and fitness area, our employees’ professional and personal needs are met.

This move is a testament to the growth and success we have experienced since we started operations in 2006, and likewise represents our commitment to continue to build on our success. This also marks the beginning of a new chapter in our history as we expand into service verticals next year,” said Michael Rivera, President and Chief Operating Officer of PvG Global.

About ProView Global (PvG)

ProView Global (PvG) offers data management, benefits administration and project management services for U.S. clients revolving around third-party administration, employee benefits consulting and health care industries. The company also provides office space design and office furniture specification services that cater to large U.S.-based office space furniture dealers.

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