The Integrity of the Filipino Corporate System: Why You Should Outsource to the Philippines

Disengaged employees can hurt the profit of a business. According to a study by Gallup, around 70% of workforces aren’t satisfied with their jobs, costing businesses about $550 billion in lost productivity every year.

It was Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, who said: “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” We at Proview Global encourage you to look for offshore partners who care for their people by creating a great workplace, acknowledging employee concerns, and giving them credit when they exert themselves.

In the Philippines, the corporate system abides by a culture that promotes an employee’s integrity. Here’s why companies should consider outsourcing to the Pearl of the Orient:

Prioritizing Health

For better performance, employees must be healthy. Employers have to make sure that their employees have the right to healthcare and medical services, and the Philippine Medicare Act ensures that Philippine employers comply with this requirement. As an offshore partner, the Philippines is always ready with a management service dedicated to the health and welfare of the workforce.

Practicing Empathy

Creating a culture where employees aren’t afraid to speak up and would freely approach the human resources department for their concerns is a big plus for an engaging workspace. In the Philippines, a lot of BPO companies are changing the “mean boss” stereotype and are choosing to influence rather than berate. A good outsourcing partner takes the time to understand their people’s individualized issues and knows that the corporate environment need not be an evil one.

Promising Transparency

Communication is an important aspect of the Philippine corporate system. Filipinos are always open for feedback – this pushes them and gives them more room to hone their skills. BPO companies in the Philippines have an honest, transparent environment where people give and receive constructive criticism and push each other to improve.

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Employers who go beyond their means to help their employees get good things in return. The company culture translates to success if employees fit the company’s core values and the culture itself promotes health and open communication. You get all of these and more when you partner with us. Visit ProView Global (PvG) today to learn more about outsourcing to the Philippines.

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