Choosing the Right BPO Provider

Offshore outsourcing is a common practice nowadays, especially for well-established companies that wish to extend their reach to foreign lands. Though it’s a fairly old practice, the industry is only starting to bloom today. The Philippines’ business process outsourcingindustry reached its peak back in 2010 when it beat India as the largest BPO industry. The challenge now for aspiring companies lies in finding the perfect business process outsourcing or BPO provider. With hundreds of organizations to partner with, finding one that fits your company can be a tough job. So here’s a simple guide in evaluating BPO Providers.

Focus on the people delivering the service

People tend to choose trusted and well recognized brands more than others, which is understandable. However, choosing them doesn’t guarantee success. Most outsourcing relationships that last are between companies and providers that match each other. Aside from their track record as a whole company, you also have to individually examine the people behind the company.

Look for those who offer value-added services

The problem with BPO providers is that all of them look almost identical to each other since their services are the same. The only obvious way to identify them is through their prices, but you shouldn’t focus solely on these. Try looking for those that are willing to offer more value-added services like customer insights and such because this may prove to be more useful than their regular services. Think of it this way: if they were able to stand out from the number of companies there are, they’ll surely be able to do the same to you.

Make sure they can carry the workload

Business process outsourcing companies have multiple clients at one time, but a good BPO provider shouldn’t make you worry all the time. The amount of workload they have shouldn’t affect the quality of the service they’re providing you with. Not to mention they should also be able to adapt to the changes in the industry. Keep track of their recent records; usually losing clients is a sign that they’re buried in too much business and may not be able to deliver the kind of service you expect.

They should be open 

Most of these will hesitate to provide you with information regarding their profitability because it is believed that most of them are carrying unprofitable deals. This stems from them accepting too many deals that they can’t transform to profitable operations. If they become open about this, it’ll limit the risks that may harm you both.

Include your stakeholders

It’s important to include your stakeholders’ opinion as it can affect them as well. The success or failure of yourBPO provider will impact them greatly and it’s best to make them aware and include them in the decision making. Without their involvement you may end up choosing a provider that doesn’t fit your organization’s culture, values and objectives.

If you plan to expand, there are hundreds of Philippine business processes outsourcing providers to choose from. Remember that the most important thing is that you and your chosen provider fit perfectly with each other. You’re entrusting part of your company’s legs to these providers so make sure they’ll help you stand up rather than fall down.

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