Why You Should Care About How Your Offshore Partner Acquires Talent

It is a generally accepted notion that a company’s success is a result of contributions from all of its employees. The talent, skills and knowledge of each employee translates into organizational productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately higher profit margins.

This is true even when a company entrusts its tasks and processes to offshore employees.

So should a company be concerned about how their offshore partner finds its talent?

We think so.

As an offshore service partner, we believe that our employees are an extension of our clients’ teams and therefore, are, in a lot of ways, our clients’ employees.

So do we take talent acquisition very seriously?


ProView Global (PvG) Talent Acquisition

There is little debate that identifying the right people for the right roles is mission critical for all organizations.

For companies that have offshore partners, this critical talent acquisition process is abdicated to the offshore partner’s protocol with little input from the company that will be the beneficiary of the offshore partner’s talent acquisition process.

We recognize and address this gap by developing a rigorous process of filtering through hundreds of candidates through proprietary talent and skills quantification tests, personality and character profile discovery, in-depth multi-dimensional interviews, educational and reference validation as well as criminal background checks.

We have spent years tweaking and constantly improving our talent acquisition process to ensure that we identify and hire only those who meet our and our clients’ rigorous standards.

Beyond Reference Checking

Our world has changed.

At ProView Global (PvG), employee candidates are investigated for criminal history as well as cross-referenced through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to ensure we are not hiring individuals who may be affiliated with terrorist organizations, linked to terrorist activities or engaged in international crimes (e.g. narcotics trafficking).

We don’t stop there.

Our candidates are further subjected to fingerprinting, comprehensive drug testing and full medical examination.

Candidate Evaluation

Aside from multiple in-depth, multi-dimensional interviews, criminal background and reference checks, employee candidates go through a battery of proprietary tests to measure accuracy, visual acuity, detail-orientation, concentration, patience, perseverance,  comprehension, English communication and logical analysis acumen.
Accuracy is one of the more important skills we measure, thus employee candidates  must pass  various accuracy and visual acuity tests to be hired:
Accuracy Tests – These tests evaluate an employee candidate’s accuracy in processing. The tests consist of sets of correct data to be compared with another set of data that contains both correct and similar but incorrect details. The employee candidate will need to identify and mark the incorrect data from the lists. Thes

e tests must be completed within an allotted time frame. In order to pass, employee candidates may only miss one item per test.

Visual Acuity and Retention Tests – These tests evaluate an employee  candidate’s ability to retain information and must be completed within the allotted time. The employee candidate will need to accurately identify and indicate if the data are identical or not. Special characters, sequencing, and placements are to be ob

served accordingly, and like the accuracy tests, employee candidates may only miss one item per test in order to pass.

An Analytical and Logical Reasoning test measures how an employee candidate observes and derives facts from the data presented. The test must be completed within an allotted time frame and employee candidates cannot miss more than three items to pass.

An English assessment test measures the communication skills of an employee candidate through an evaluation of grammar and comprehension.

A Mathematics test assesses an employee candidate’s intermediate arithmetic skills. This test must be completed within an allotted time frame and an employee candidate who fails to complete the test, regardless of the accuracy of responses, will fail this test.  This test not only measures mathematic acumen but perseverance in completing a task regardless of difficulty.

Technical competency tests are customized depending on the specific roles being assessed.

Cultural Fit (Personality and Character)

Often, failure in talent acquisition is caused by a misalignment in the culture between the organization and the natural personality of an employee.

We understand this and place a great deal of importance on personality and character tests to give us a glimpse into an employee candidate’s personality including motivation, creativity and cognitive abilities.  There is strong evidence of correlation between personality fit and job performance.

Our personality and character tests help reveal the following characteristics in a candidate:

  • Dominance Factor – an individual’s tendency to influence people and situations
  • Extroversion Factor – an individual’s behavior towards social interaction
  • Patience Factor – an individual’s tendency to respond (proactively or reactively)
  • Formality Factor – an individual’s conformity to rules and structure
  • An individual’s morale in response to the demands and expectations of the workplace
  • An individual’s inclination in decision making
Ultimately our goal is to align candidates with the needs of our clients that increases the chance of high performance, job satisfaction and low attrition.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

ProView Global (PvG) believes that acquiring talent is more than just hiring skilled candidates to fill vacant positions.  We understand our clients’ needs so we are able to find talent who are qualified not only for their technical competencies, but equally important, for their cultural and teachable fit.

So how does ProView Global (PvG) measure its talent acquisition effectiveness?
Talent Acquisition Effectiveness

ProView Global (PvG) tracks several metrics to constantly evaluate our talent acquisition process.

100th day surveys are sent to new employees at the conclusion of their 100th day of employment to measure overall satisfaction with our hiring and onboarding process. We put a lot of premium on employees’ overall well-being and understand that employee satisfaction during the first 100 days plays into employee retention.

Another metric we monitor is talent acquisition efficacy. This measures the percentage of employees  retained by PvG beyond 12 months of their hire date.  We have been able to enjoy over 90% talent acquisition efficacy since we began tracking this metric 6 years ago.

Our best metric? A less than 2% annual attrition rate for the last 10 years.

Why choose ProView Global (PvG) as your offshore partner?

Our employees are your employees. You can be confident that we use a rigorous process in identifying the employees with whom you can entrust your process and your business.

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