Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

While companies globally look to India as the obvious choice, Metro Manila, the Philippines’ capital, has already surpassed Mumbai as the second top business process outsourcing destination in the world. This comes as no surprise — as the Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, and the Filipino workforce and outsourcing vendors are continuously building their expertise in key BPO industries, such as customer support, information  technology, and recruitment and human resources administration and management.

Here are two reasons why you should outsource to the Philippines now:

Talented, Culturally-Compatible Workforce

The Philippines boasts of a high literacy rate at approximately 92%. The country’s top educational institutions and reputable universities continue to produce graduates who are able to occupy top positions both in the local and international markets.  In 2013 alone, the Philippines had over 120,000 graduates in business administration and other related courses, over 55,000 in engineering, and over 58,000 in IT and computer sciences.

More importantly, the Philippines takes pride in seeing approximately 500,000 English-speaking college students graduate every year. In fact, the Philippines has recently been recognized as the top country to outsource in terms of business English proficiency.

Aside from the ability to speak in English fluently, Filipino workers are also known worldwide for their strong work ethic, keen attention to detail, service-oriented outlook, collaborative skills with the ability to recognize authority, and positive disposition towards work.  Combining these soft skills with English proficiency of the young workers establishes quite the competitive advantage in the provision of voice and other BPO services.

Moreover, survey results from PEW Research showed that Filipinos see the United States favorably— further emphasizing that it the Philippines is the most ideal offshore business process outsourcing destination for US companies.

High Cost Savings

Small to medium enterprises, as well as multi-national corporations save thousands per year by outsourcing certain parts of their operations to the Philippines by creating captive teams of customer service representatives, IT professionals, and knowledge-based workers.

Partnering with an established business process outsourcing service provider in the Philippines like ProView Global (PvG) allows companies from the United States and other parts of the world gain access to talent while reducing transaction costs.   These companies are able to enjoy the same work output delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Why ProView Global (PvG)?

As with any business undertaking, outsourcing to any destination has inherent challenges.  It is critical to find the right partner who can help you navigate through these challenges; a partner that has ample experience to meet your business requirements and deliver your most complex projects according to the efficiency, quality and productivity you need.

ProView Global is one of the fastest growing business and knowledge process outsourcing companies in the Philippines. The company’s commitment to providing only the best output for its clients is evidenced by their achievement of the gold standards in international certification for information data security (ISO 27000) and quality management (ISO 9001). Specializing in human resource benefit administration services, ProView Global (PvG) has experts in cafeteria plans, COBRA administration, flexible spending accounts administration, enrollment systems configuration and underwriting support services.

To quickly see how much you can save by outsourcing to ProView Global (PvG), Click here to calculate your savings and get more detailed information on how your organization can do more and be more.


Top Three Benefits of Outsourcing To The Philippines

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