Underwriting and Procurement Support Services

Insurance Underwriting Process

Given the complexity of the entire insurance process, we aim to help U.S.-based consulting and benefits brokerage firms with a range of quality procurement-related services. We have received numerous awards for our sophisticated IT infrastructure and our actuarial and mathematics-degreed representatives, which prove our capacity to provide efficient solutions. Firms can rely on our underwriting, benefits renewal, and underwriting support services for their annual renewal and RFP activities.

We offer insurance underwriting services that offer a solution to consulting and benefits brokers. Our Underwriting and Procurement Support Services solution includes:

  • Dedicated team of RFP, renewal and underwriting specialists
  • Analysis of health claims data required for tracking and monitoring statistical claims information
  • Creation of periodic reports and financial forecasts based on plan actual utilization
  • Recommendations for alternative financial premium and benefit options
  • With our underwriting support services, you can expect faster analysis of the current benefit options and renewal process.

Procurement-related Services

Next to the claims department, the procurement department is an integral component of every insurance consulting or benefits brokerage company. The functioning of the procurement department can make or break an insurance firm.

Creating a solid procurement strategy and building long-standing partnerships with cutting-edge vendors can significantly reduce claims costs, thus improving the overall experience of policyholders.

Simply stated, the benefits of outsourcing procurement-related services to an expert back-office support team include cost reduction, maximum profitability through improving the claims process, enhanced customer retention, and continuous improvement of core procurement functioning, among others.

Underwriting Support Services

What is the purpose of underwriting and how will the firm benefit from it?

Like claims and procurement functions, underwriting is another crucial part of every insurance application. Agility and customer centricity are the keys to protecting the firm from potential risks while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

A broad understanding of mathematical and statistical methods is essential in growing the profits of general insurance companies. The success of underwriting functions is achieved by rigorously reviewing applications, existing business and statistical data, customer information, and reports to make sure that risk management and financial decisions are evidence-based. Proview Global helps business reap all these benefits through our underwriting support services.

Why Proview Global?

Proview Global is not only a multi-awarded business process outsourcing company (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing company (KPO), it takes on the role of strategic partner for U.S.-based firms to enable these companies to cut their costs and drive their growth. Our broad and holistic approach to procurement uses a combination of operational, financial, human capital, and IT services to help firms address key challenges.

We bring our expertise to the table to help companies maximize their profitability, with a strong focus on improving customer and vendor satisfaction. With our IT infrastructure, we can simplify an otherwise complicated process and provide high-quality data reports and analysis that enable great decision-making and execution, throughout.

If you need more information about our procurement and underwriting support services, feel free to call us or send us an email. Take advantage of our free consultation to understand how we can help your consulting and brokerage business. We can also arrange a free pilot program to acquaint you with our insurance underwriting process.