Connecting Workplace Strategy and Business Success

Workspace Planner and Designer

The close relationship between workplace design and business performance has been studied for over 100 years. There’s no denying that office architecture and interior design are important facets of business achievement and commercial success, as substantiated by visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Simply put, maximizing your workspace’s potential adds more value to your business than you realize, and possibly more than any management model you can think of.

Proview Global brings you ProView Studio, a workplace planning and design system for all your office design and management, as well as office furniture specification needs. Our design professionals are experts in various furniture systems, as well as in the latest trends in workspace planning. Our experts know that each office has its own fundamental design issues that need to be addressed, which is why our services are designed with the organization and its people in mind. Our workspace planning and design services are a combination of innovative environmental systems, technology, and management solutions that are tried and tested.

Why You Need Workplace Planning

A suitable workspace benefits your company by enhancing employee productivity, staff morale, and in many other unexpected ways. Over the years, quite a number of studies have revealed that a well-designed office fosters engagement and collaboration among employees, resulting in higher performance scores and retention rates.

A 2003 survey conducted by Management Today magazine shows that an organization’s office reflects how executives value their employees. In the same survey, dissatisfaction with the work environment surfaced as one of the reasons businesses lose their key people. For this reason, our office design and workplace planning team will generate suitable office space ideas to increase the productivity of your employees.

Maximize Your Workplace Potential with ProView Studio

ProView Studio bridges the gap between your company and our established network of U.S.-based office furniture dealers. Our back end support team will work with closely to develop workplace strategies and preferred design scenarios that you can implement within your budget and within the scope of your project.

The ProView Studio provides the following office space design services:

  • Office Interior Design Services - Tell us your workspace requirements and our team will help you identify the set of furniture ideal for your unique needs. We also make recommendations on the furniture’s color schemes, placement, and orientation to ensure the right look for your office.
  • Drawings - Based on your requirements, our team will create two and three-dimensional drawings of office furniture that we envision for your workspace. These drawings will help you present the furniture designs you want your contractor to provide for your workspace.
  • 3D Architectural Visualization - With photo-realistic 3D rendering and 3D animation, it will be easy for you to imagine the overall look of your office with the furniture we design. We will incorporate other features in the animation, including the finishes and the lighting in your current workspace.
  • Office Furniture Specifications - Based on your requirements, we will provide specifications that reflect the size, finish, and other features of the furniture ideal for your workspace.
  • Specification Audits - Before you place your order for the furniture, we’ll double check their specifications to make sure that they are functional and are made based on your requirements.
  • Post-Design Back Office Support - With our back office support, we make sure that the specifications will be converted to quotes and orders. We see to it that the furniture is priced, ordered, and delivered.

Reliable Workspace Planning and Design Team

With our talented and dedicated workspace planning and design team, you can expect an end-to-end design to furniture order support. This way, we help you lower your transaction costs, as well as save you a significant amount of time.

To learn more about ProView Studio and our office furniture solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or view our sample renderings below. Call us or send us an email for a free consultation regarding our workspace planning services.

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Collaboration_04.jpg Collaboration_04.jpg Collaboration_04.jpg 


Collaboration_04.jpg Collaboration_04.jpg Collaboration_04.jpg 


Collaboration_04.jpg Collaboration_04.jpg