Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Administration

COBRA Administrative Service

Proview Global believes that the success of every business rests on how it promotes the financial security and health of its people. Employers that provide health care coverage through a group plan have responsibilities that extend even up to 18 months after the employee leaves the organization. A responsible employer makes COBRA benefits administration a top priority.

Administering COBRA involves complexities and comes with significant expense, coupled with a major compliance risk which, when executed in error, may result in large penalties. For this reason, outsourcing COBRA administration services is a common route many SMEs and corporations take, as it results in savings and puts a bulk of the work on more experienced professionals. At Proview Global, our back office team will ensure that you are in compliance with all the regulations pertaining to COBRA in a streamlined, cost-efficient manner.

Offering streamlined COBRA admin services, we help your business function to its maximum capability.

What is COBRA Continuation Health Coverage?

Many workers in the U.S. have health insurance through their employer’s group plan, which they have the right to continue for a limited period after losing the coverage. This is among the provisions laid out under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), which applies to companies with 20 or more employees at the state and federal levels, across all sectors.

COBRA covers several circumstances, and applies under state or federal law, or both. Former employees who resigned, retired, or were laid off for reasons other than gross misconduct, or who lose coverage for other personal reasons, such as becoming disabled, may qualify for the independent right to continue coverage. In many cases, the coverage may also extend to spouses, former spouses, and dependent children. As soon as the qualifying event occurs, employees may then lodge the application through their former employer’s human resource department.

COBRA Continuation Coverage Administration Services

As a COBRA outsourcing company, we help clients streamline the administration of COBRA coverage regulations in a way that balances the rights of former employees and the operational needs of the company. Our customized, secure, and modularized solutions will fulfill your unique needs and circumstances as an employer. Our COBRA Administration Services include the following:

  • Employer plan set-up
  • Paperless, compliant COBRA enrollment and termination processing
  • Production of General Notice, Qualifying Event COBRA Election Notice, and other COBRA-related notices.
  • Production of monthly COBRA reports for employers
  • COBRA system conversion assistance
  • COBRA special project administration assistance

Composed of COBRA-certified processors and managers, our team of outsourcing personnel is trained to deliver optimal results, at all times. Backed by a solid IT infrastructure and real-time customer service, your former employees and your business interests are in good hands, when you outsource the processes to us. It is our goal to bring better value to your business by handling your employee benefits administration and reducing your employee overhead costs, at the same time.

When it comes to COBRA administration, we are your trusted partner. Give us a call, today, for more information or to schedule a free consultation. We can even arrange a free pilot program to give you a preview of what Proview Global has to offer in terms of outsourcing COBRA administration.