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PvG Global provides knowledge processing outsourcing services as well as traditional back office processing services. Our core competencies focus on the following areas: data analytics and data management, U.S. employee benefits administration, office space design and 3D rendering for U.S. furniture dealers. PvG Global builds a pool of dedicated and customized team of analytical and technical resources to supplement our clients’ resources with a high degree of specialist expertise.

PvG Global values its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement. That commitment does not end with simple knowledge transfer. We establish a partnership with our clients to help them realize their productivity gains through workflow and process transformation, a measurable increase in efficiency, and recapture lost opportunity cost.

PvG Global places a premium on quality and protecting its clients’ data. Through the years, we have met and remained compliant with the international standards for quality since 2007 through annual ISO 9001 recertifications, and international standards for information and data security with 134 controls and ISO 27001 recertifications since 2012.

Here is a sample of our menu of services:
  • Benefits Enrollment and Eligibility Administration
  • Premium Billing and Reconciliation
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Claims Adjudication and Administration
  • COBRA Administration
  • Web-Based Enrollment System Configuration, Testing and Maintenance
  • Data Standardization and Management
  • Health Management Administration
  • Underwriting and Procurement Support
  • Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Project Management and Coordination Support
  • Office Space Design and 3D Rendering


Why Outsource with PvG?

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certified since 2006
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Certified since 2012
  • Operates under Six Sigma Principles
  • Build, Operate and Manage model. We build a dedicated and trained team of resources managed by PvG but reports to you.
  • Deep domain experts in US-employee Benefits Administration
  • Professionally managed by seasoned US benefits and BPO leaders with over 40 years collective experience in delivering results.